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Our ability to have children and parent them is probably the most basic right we have. When things go wrong, the state can step in to make the children safe. To do so, state agents ask the Family Court to sanction the removal of the children then to approve further steps either to correct the problems and return the children or terminate parental rights.

We protect Constitutional rights, especially the right to parent, from the moment of removal through the Appellate Courts.

If the state Department of Human Services initiates an investigation, call us immediately to know your rights.


1. Be courteous and do not verbally abuse or assault a DHS worker or police officer.
2. Admit no one to your home without a valid search warrant – including police.
3. If police are involved, be courteous and do not resist any attempt to arrest you.
4. If police are involved, say nothing other than to ask for your lawyer.
What you say to police and DHS workers can and WILL be used against you.