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Divorce and child custody are not matters to go through without competent legal representation. Whether you are thinking about divorce or your spouse has filed, there is too much at stake to go through it whout the experience of a seasoned family lawyer. Contact Mike Walsh today for aggressive, attentive legal help and a free initial consultation. Call (231) 725-4200. Attorney Mike Walsh is a respected council in West Michigan who has spent decades helping people with one of the most difficult parts of their lives, the break up of a marriage.


He defends his clients' rights to children and property and provides calm, professional council on the things that matter. If you are thinking about a divorce or if your spouse has filed, contact Mike Walsh now for a free initial consultation.


General Michigan Divorce Information

Residency Michigan Compiled Law

(MCL) 552.9

  • 180 days minimum in-state presence of one party prior to filing.
  • 10 days minimum in-county presence of one party prior to filing.

Michigan is a No-Fault Divorce State

MCL 552.6

  • Michigan does not require fault to file for a divorce.
  • Plaintiff must allege only that the marriage bond has been broken and it's unlikely the marriage can be saved. Legally, "the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved."

Parties to Divorce

  • Plaintiff: The party who files the Complaint for Divorce.
  • Defendant: The party who receives and answers the Complaint for Divorce.