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We receive many questions about Michigan laws concerning concealed weapons. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Writers may submit questions to mgwalsh@famlawcenter.com.

QUESTION: My wife operates a day care center in our house. I have a CPL. Can I carry my pistol concealed into my own home?
ANSWER: No – and yes. First, Michigan’s Concealed Pistol License forbids CPL holders from taking a weapon into certain places, including daycare centers. Thus, no concealed pistols at your wife’s daycare center. However, your wife may want to consult with our law firm to create a limited liability company that defines what rooms are considered the day care during certain specified hours. That would keep you within the law.

QUESTION:: Can I carry concealed at a Michigan state park? How about a national park within Michigan?
ANSWER: Yes and maybe. You may carry concealed at Michigan state parks, as long as alcohol is not present. Federal property is a different matter. Under Michigan’s CPL law, you can’t carry into federal buildings, property, or land. However, you should call ahead to the national park ranger station to ask their particular policy for Michigan residents with a valid CPL.

QUESTION: I know a number of other states have CPL reciprocity with Michigan. Can I carry concealed while driving through a non-reciprocal state to get to a state with full reciprocity? Can I carry into Canada if I’m driving to Alaska?

QUESTION: I know I can’t drink beer and carry concealed at the same time. Can I put my weapon in the car while I’m in the bar and simply leave it hidden until I drive home?
ANSWER: No. Alcohol and weapons don’t mix – period. If you drink, you don’t carry. And having a weapon concealed in your car is still carrying concealed. If you plan on stopping for a brew or two, leave the weapon secured at home.

QUESTION: My background includes a period when I did stupid things, including being convicted of breaking and entering when I was 18. I’m 32 now. Can I still receive a CPL because of the years that have gone by and my life improvement?
ANSWER: Sorry, no. If you apply for a CPL and know you have a felony on your record, you risk prosecution and up to four years’ imprisonment. However, sometimes we can remove the felony – with the circuit court’s permission – and that could clear the way for you. Just give us a call.

QUESTION: My son is in the Army National Guard and served in Iraq. Can he carry concealed because of his ongoing service?
ANSWER: NO. When in the civilian world, civilian rules apply. If he’s found with a concealed weapon – and having no CPL – he’ll be arrested and face up to five years in prison. No license, no carry.